NDA Partners LLC: A Development Partner to Biopharmaceutical Investors and Companies

Rose Carmichael, PhD

Practice Area Focus

  • Biologics
  • Biosimilars
  • Devices
  • Diagnostics
  • CMC
  • Development Strategy
  • HTA
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Strategy (EU)
  • Reimbursements


Rose Carmichael joined NDA Partners as an Expert Consultant in 2016. She is an experienced senior business executive with global experience in operations and C-level management. Ms. Carmichael currently runs The WRx, a portfolio of companies in medical device manufacturing, nanotechnology, and regenerative medicine. She is co-founder and President of BONWRx (Phoenix, AZ) which develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices.

Dr. Carmichael began her professional career at the Xerox Corporation, then joined the Siemens Corporation as Director of Business Development. She expanded Siemens’ business units across the US, and later served as the Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Internal Audit for global operations at Siemens AG in Munich, Germany. Dr. Carmichael founded ENB International, a technology-related Investment Bank in Frankfurt, Germany; helped establish the European Venture Capital Association; and served as Managing Director of Corporate Finance at Deloitte & Touche. She also co-founded Carmichael & Company, based in New York City, to provide financial services to middle market companies, with satellite branches in both London and Phoenix.